Reading It – My Way

Well, guys, I’m back. This fateful day I’ll give you few reasons why you should read daily and also few words about some book resources. You may feel like I’ve copied the title from somewhere. Sachin Tendulkar said Playing It My Way because he is the God of Cricket and I’m saying Reading It – My Way because I’m the God of Reading (just flattering myself). Now, let’s get into the topic.

If you say “I won’t get any smarter if I just read 5 minutes every day, that’s not going to get me anywhere” then you are wrong. Reading can bring some drastic changes in you, which you do not even know.

What happens in your body when you start reading is that your heartbeat slows, your muscles ease up and become less tense and your state of mind changes. Combined, these changes can reduce your stress level by more than half, up to 60%! Reading is also much better at reducing your stress than other common ways of battling it, such as listening to music, drinking coffee, or going for a walk.


When you read something, you actually imagine the scene, hence this increases imagination power and in turn makes you creative.

If not paperback, find an e-book 

There are 3 categories of burdened readers I encounter.

First category of people say “I cannot carry the book to all the places. Then how can I read it?”  For them, I say you will definitely carry your mobile phone wherever you go. Then you can just download the pdf file and read it wherever you go.

Now comes the second category. They say “I cannot get the feel while I read on my mobile.”. I say it depends on how you read. If you completely get immersed in the reading, then you can definitely feel each and everything as I do. It comes with experience.

Third – “Where can I get the e-book?”. These are the people who agree with all my above answers and do not know where to get e-books. There are many online shopping portals like amazon, flipkart and others who sell e-books. And if you do not want to spend a penny, there are many resources where can find the free e-books. I personally prefer UC forums, because they do not copy the original books but they provide the original books adhering to the copyright.

If you find me with my mobile in landscape mode then can presume that by default I’m reading something.

Hope, I’ve eaten enough of your brains and I even hope that atleast few of my readers follow the above tips. Have a Happy Reading.

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