Beyond the Finishing Line

The Experiences

Have you gone through this experience… you went for a morning jog and ran for quite for a descent time and feel so exhausted that you eventually give up and sit on a bench. Then, all of a sudden, you see a stranger running. Something inside you, excites you to stand up and run again for some more time.

Have you gone through this experience… you do not get enough viewers for your blog and you final decide to write another blog that day, there would be a like or a comment or an encouragement from your friend or a stranger, which motivates to go on and write that blog you always wanted to right.

The law

It is a law, an Existential law. Life creates an imaginary finishing line on your path. This is life’s way of differentiating mediocrity from the rest. Every mediocre accepts the imaginary finishing line as the finishing line and stops at it. The champion few alone go beyond the imaginary finishing line.

Now The Magic unfolds

Life always holds its abundance just beyond that imaginary finishing line. Hold on a little longer. Do not accept what seems to be the finishing line. Life sets a trap for all of us on every path we tread. The mediocre takes it to be the finishing line and stops. The legend knows that if he can just go beyond this imaginary finishing line, then there are no more finishing lines.

The magic and miracles of life always unfold just beyond that imaginary finishing line. While writing poetry, the poet reaches a point when the next line does not flow. His mind goes blank. A good poet knows that if he can hold on just a little longer to get the next line of his poem, the perennial flow ill once again take over. it is the question of one more word for a communicator, one stroke for the painter, one more day for the businessman. Just one more try to go beyond the finishing line.

That’s the point to…

When you are about to give up, that’s the exact point to hold on. That’s the point to go beyond the finishing line. When you think it is over, that’s the point to carry on. When you think of stopping, that’s the point to move on.

If you haven’t seen that stranger while running, you might have given up for the day and return home exhausted. If that friend or stranger haven’t ask me go on, I might have not written today. This applies to every aspect of life, you would want to give up at a particular point of time, and then there sparks a light which motivates you to go on and go beyond the finishing line.

With one dot (.), it means the end. With two more dots added to it(…), it becomes ‘so on and on’. So, never give up and keep on keeping on.

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