Divided by Personalities, united by Friendship

Now-a-days, Whatsapp has become a meeting place for friends who want to meet each other couldn’t because of their busy schedule. Typically, a Whatsapp group which has less than 10 members experiences more fun than the other groups. And if each of the friend has a different character then it’s an absolute craziness. I’m writing this post as a tribute to my friends in a Whatsapp group, with whom I’ve spent my fours years of graduation.

We are 7 in number, including me of course, and all are boys (of course). We are and will be friends for lifetime no matter where we are where we will be. I’m exaggerating right? Come on, just because it’s friendship day . Let me take this chance to criticize them publicly by their personalities.

1. The Travelling Soldier

This guy travels a lot. You ask him early morning “where are you?” He’ll answer. You ask him the same question in the afternoon time. The answer would be different. He has the superpower to travel 700 kms on a bike without getting tired and without stopping. Even if met by accidents, he will not give up.

2. The Wiki Guy

This guy is so obsessed with information that he knows everything that is in Wikipedia. You ask him about Russian Mafia, he’ll show you in Wikipedia. You ask him his name, he’ll show you in Wikipedia. He has Wikipedia bookmarks all over his body. Generally, he won’t be online but once he sends a message, the group explodes.

“Friendship is not about all friends liking the same brand, it’s about building a brand together”

3. The Stoner

The Bob Marley fan of the group. He loves stoning and encourages others to stone. But the number of guys he has convinced is one. Once upon a time, he was the fan of Yo Yo Honey Singh and now Bob Marley is trending. He got inspired by Lord Shiva and started stoning. He is the guy who brings new trends into the group. The most CHILLED guy in the group.

4. The Desperate Guy

He likes to have adult content everywhere. Once he sees something somewhere, that something will come into the group immediately. You say something against that something, he’ll comments that you are still a small kid. Always desperate to do something, but couldn’t because his parents are around. Not to mention, he has a solution for most of the problems and all the resources other group members need.

5. The Consoler

His motto is “ask everyone for a party but never throws his party”. He wants party for all silly reasons. You buy a new phone, he wants a party. You return to the city, he wants a party. You broke up with a girl, he wants a party. He’ll not throw a party even if he has owned a new house. He is called consoler because consoles everyone when in disappointment. Your visa gets rejected, he’ll console you. You met with an accident he’ll console you. You broke up with girl, he’ll console you. He’s the second most CHLLED guy in the group.

6. The BE IN LIMITS guy

He would not cross his limits most of the times. He’ll never cross a speed of 50kmph on his bike. Safety first. He’ll never booze while in India because his parents are around. He’s the kind of guy who wants to enjoy a lot but keeps his limits due to some hypothetical reasons and misses few hangouts.

Whatever the personalities we have, whatever characters we are, we are friends. Some of us are going to leave the country, some of the us are going leave the city or state, but wherever, we take an oath that we’ll be friends.


Sharing is Caring.

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