An Accidental Friend-Meet

Isn’t it amazing that you accidentally meet an old friend a friend of yours when you least expect them?

Isn’t it cool that you are so frustrated with something that has happened to you and then you meet a friend after a long time and you get lost in the conversation that you don’t even remember that you are frustrated?

You might be waiting for a bus at a place that you have visited for the first time and then all of a sudden, you see a friend whom you haven’t met for months. Your tense face would then turn into a refreshing one because of this surprise. And the best part could be that he/she has a vehicle and you don’t need to wait for the bus anymore. On the way to your destination, you both can talk to each other about a lot of things. You can review each others’ current status, you can talk to each other about how all these months have been. You can also bring back all those memories that you have made together with other friends as well.

You might have visited a far off place and suddenly realize that you have lost your bike keys and could find them. You have then taken the bike to a local key-maker and getting him to make a new key. Then suddenly someone approaches you and greets you by your name. You wonder, at least for a few seconds, who the person is. Then it comes to your mind that it’s your friend from your college whom you have seen half a year ago. You get to speak about the things you both are doing with your respective lives. You also get to think about how the your juniors in the college are getting higher placements than you. You are so involved that you forget that the key-maker has finished making the key.

Few surprise meetings end with both of you bidding a good bye after to each other after a brief and long conversation. And the remaining end up in both of you doing some crazy things.

what goes around comes around…

As they always say – what goes around, comes around. If you think that, after meeting someone, you met them for the last time. But remember, what goes around, comes around. You will definitely meet them at least once again in your lifetime. No matter what the circumstances, situations or consequences can be. Anything that happens when you are with friends gives you a memory.

I’ve been in the one the above situation today. I’ll leave it to your imagination as what that situation might be. I’d be glad to hear from you what you think.Come on, there are just two situations I’ve given. You can easily get it.

I’b also be so glad if you share any of your experiences where you were struck with something somewhere and a friend of yours accidentally meets you.

You can share your views and experiences in the comments section or by personally writing to us here. Thank you everyone.


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