The 9 Unknown Men

It was 270BC when the great Emperor Asoka has just finished the war with Kalinga. There were more than 100,000 people who lost their lives on both the sides. Asoka conquered Kalinga but was not in content about something. He was horrified by the amount of destruction that has taken place. As a result, he vowed to leave all the violence and took up Buddhism.

This is just one side of the coin and there is more to it. No text book or TV serial will show you what you are going to read next.

Before taking up Buddhism, Asoka wanted to make sure that the situation at Kalinga should not be repeated at any point of time in future and in any part of the world. There was a vast knowledge of scientific, technological and social aspects that can bring the world to near perfectness. But if they go into wrong hands, there can be an exactly opposite result – the destruction of our own world. To avoid this, Asoka did something that no other emperor could have done. He assembled 9 men from all over his kingdom and country and formed a secret society. All of these 9 men were given books containing information about the aspects that we spoke of earlier.

These men are known as the 9 unknown men. Their identity was not known even to their fellow men. Such was the level of discretion followed. These 9 unknown men were then asked to get scattered all over the world.They were allowed to make changes, append to and update the books that they were given. They were also allowed to pass on the information to their descendants so that such massive amount of knowledge can be preserved.

The content vary from book to book. Although the content of the books and the identity of the 9 unknown men and/or their descendants is still unknown, there are many conspiracy theories that are running around throughout the history, which depict that there are a lot of descendants of the 9 unknown men who used the contents of the books for the welfare of the world and sometimes for the opposite case. This might help in predicting who the men might be and who exactly the descendants are. There are also a few live examples in the history which directly point at the exact purpose of the books.

You will get to know all about it when I reveal the books of the 9 unknown men.

See you on the other side. Meanwhile, you can contact us, in case you’ve got any rotten tomatoes.


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