The Books of The 9 Unknown Men

Assuming that you have got the glimpse of the 9 unknown men, let me describe more about them. Remember all of them possess a book each? It is believed that these books include the knowledge about natural science, psychology, microbiology among others, which if used carelessly, could be a threat to the entire mankind.

To explain a live incident of the powers of these books, lets go back to the period of Pope Sylvester II. According to legend, during his mysterious voyage to India, he succeeded in acquiring a bronze head. This bronze head had the ability to give answers as YES or NO to any political or religious question that Sylvester II will ask. Unfortunately, this bronze head was destoryed after Sylvester II’s death and the related information were buried.

The first book is all about propaganda and psychological secrets. It deals with the things like manipulating others’ mind in your own favor. This could help the wrong doers to turn everyone around us into our pawns and use them to create havoc.

The second book about physiology. It explains about the techniques through which we can kill a human being just by touch. This is possible by changing the direction of nerve impulse(the electrical pulses through nerves). It is believed that the martial art – JUDO can into existence due to leakages through this book.

The third book includes the study of microbiology. It is believed that the cures to deadly diseases such as cholera and plague were developed  through this book. In 1860, a researcher got a few inputs from this book which helped him develop a serum ending up as a medicine for cholera and plague.

The fourth book deals with the transmutation of metals. Using this, you can convert any metal to any other metal. To relate to this, in civilizations that came after Asoka, there were many incidents where the cities and villages were short of funds or money. They received massive amounts of gold from an unknown secret source. It is suspected that the descendants of the 9 unknown men were the source behind this.

The fifth, sixth and seventh books were about terrestrial and extra-terrestrial communication and secrets of gravitation respectively. These primarily deal with time travel, space technology and the manufacturing process of vimanas (aerospace technology). Research who believe in the 9 unknown men suspect that the great scientist and the founder of ISRO – Dr.Vikram Sarabhai was one of the descendants of the 9 unknown men. This belief was made on the point that he has taken the technological aspects of India to a whole new level by starting space exploration.

The eighth book deals with light. All of us know that nothing can travel faster than light. This book explains the ways to reduce or increase the speed of light and then using it as a weapon.

The ninth book is about sociology. It explains how a society or a civilization can achieve near perfectness and how to avoid the downfall of a civlization.

The identity of the 9 unknown men has been a mystery since ages because either their interaction with the outer world was rare or they hide their original identity and move in disguise. Their descendants might be the scientists who discover and invent latest technologies. They can be politicians and leaders who succeeded in achieving great powers. They can as simple as your friends with whom you meet and enjoy daily.

Myth or not, legend or not, real or not, I believe in the 9 unknown men and I’m so obsessed that I can go to any extent of study to know about them. For more information about any of the last 2 posts, you can refer to a book called THE NINE UNKNOWN excellently written by Talbot Mundy. This was the first book that made the world to know the existence of the 9 unknown men to the world.

Got any queries, you can always contact us. Have a happy researching. Good bye.


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