The Vimana Parva of Mahabharata

Mahabharata is an epic that has been respected over the ages. But historians also  have a different theory. This can be considered as a background story which has  not been officially mentioned in any parva or any version of Mahabharata. It’s called the Vimana Parva. 

According to Mahabharata, the Kurukshetra war has ended when Duryodhana was killed. But according to Vimana Parva something happened before the war ended. Going by the sources, Duryodhana approached a king(the name is unknown) to help him in the war. During the war, this king has remained neutral. But by seeing the destruction of his side, Duryodhana urged the king to help him over Pandavas.

The kingdom was full of people who can manufacture vimanas (kind of aircrafts) that could destroy the opposition in any kind of war they were used in. This knowledge was confined to their kingdoms. These vimanas were manufactured with the help of natural sources which include 12 metals which are unknown to the entire mankind. Of these 12 only 2 metals have been discovered and rest 10 are still unknown. 

The king agreed to manufacture these vimanas. But by the time the manufacturing finished, the Kurukshetra battle was won by Pandavas. And hence the Vimanas were not used in the battle. 

Here comes the intriguing part. There was no one from the outside to use the Vimanas and the king did not want to use them in his kingdom. Something must be done with them. What he did is that he assembled a team to hide all these Vimanas. According to sources, they were hidden in a hill called Marang Buru in Jharkhand and the location was kept a secret ever since.

To make it more interesting this secret was found out by a general in the army of Asoka. This is believed to be one of the reasons for the formation of the 9 unknown men. He has written the exact location of the hill and the tunnel in which they are placed in one of the books of the 9 unknown men. This helped it remain a secret further. If you could the book called The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher C. Doyle, then you can know the location and other information regarding the 9 unknown men and the books of the 9 unknown men and also about the Vimanas. This book is a collection of facts, myths and legends. Hence, I leave it up to my readers to understand and figure out the facts and myths.

Remember, the things which are myths now might turn out to be facts later. The information in the post are mere surface information and there are a lot of things to dig in.

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