Things about Dark Web

Ever wondered how weapons are bought online with such an ease even when it is illegal? Ever wondered how drugs exchange hands online without even the cyber security experts able to track it? Now, we have the answer. It’s through something called Dark Web.

If you look at the sky, then all you can see is a blue or black sky with clouds and stars and sometimes an airplane. But what you do not see is the uncountable stars and galaxies which reside far away from the sight of naked eye. The same thing applies to World Wide Web. What you generally use over internet is called Surface Web. There you have search engines, social media, e-commerce sites and many more. All these websites can easily be found using search engines.

There is a hidden, rather deeper and darker, part of the web that cannot be found out using search engines. It’s called Dark Web. Dark Web is that part of the internet which cannot be indexed by any of the known search engines. Meaning, you cannot find any of the sites in search engines. To access the content of the Dark Web, you need to have special software and special configurations.

TOR (The Onion Router) is the world famous dark web browser. Install this on your computer and you are ready to browse through the dark web. One of the features that makes Dark Web famous is that it gives you complete privacy and anonymity. No matter from which part of the world you are accessing the Dark Web, your location and IP address will not be known neither to the site to which you are connecting to nor to any of the cyber security experts, giving you full scale privacy.

Dark Web passes the information through an extra layer of network through which it is passed through several hops and the exit node of the server is unknown. This way it is made sure that the data and IP address of the user is not tracked by the search engines.

Although the main purpose of the Dark Web is to provide privacy, there are certain websites and groups which use the anonymity for illegal purposes. A major part of Dark Web is used to import and export drugs and weapons. Going by statistics, Silk Road is on the top of the list of sites that do illegal business through Dark Web. Hacking of majority of the websites takes place through Dark Web. The next time you hear that something got hacked through security breach, the first thing that must come to your mind is the Dark Web.

So, is it legal for you to browse through the Dark Web? Yes. It is absolutely legal for anyone on planet to access sites in the Dark Web. Just make sure that you do not into illegal business. There are a lot of useful information available through Dark Web. You can know the insights of the things that are going on in tech giants like Facebook and Google. For instance, there was a time (not more than 2 years ago), when many Facebook accounts were hacked. The passwords of these accounts were stored in the Dark Web. Facebook has then went through Dark Web and purchased all the dumps of the passwords that were available just to make those accounts accessible. I’m sure you didn’t know this until I told you.

There are many positive uses of Dark Web. In fact, most of the social media on Surface Web are also available on the Dark Web. Take Facebook for example. While you accessing Facebook on the Surface Web, the servers get to access your location and IP address. But Facebook also has it’s presence in the Dark Web. You can just log in with the same account credentials in the Dark Web version of Facebook. Here your location and IP address will not be revealed to Facebook. Thus complete privacy is guaranteed.

There are also many whistle-blower sites on the Dark Web. Remember Wiki Leaks? There are many such sites on the Dark Web. Here you can know a lot of information regarding top secrets around the world.

Just keep one thing in mind. Dark Web is legal until you do not fall into any illegal stuff which will directly land you into prison.

Happy Dark Web Browsing!!!


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