All about the Snapchat buzz

There’s a lot of buzz in the international market about Snapchat. Some buzzers are blindly buzzing about the buzz. Though you might find a lot of people around you talking about Snapchat, you never question them how much they really know about the issue or you won’t do your own research before talking any action. Let’s understand what really happened.
Let’s first go back to the August of 2015. That was when Snapchat hired Anthony Pompliano, a Product Manager from Facebook to help them enhance their overseas growth. He was placed in the operations team of the firm. His primary responsibility was to come up with strategies that would help the company get to new heights in their overseas market.
Fast forward to 2017. Anthony was fired from the company without a proper reason. After a few days he has filed a lawsuit against Snapchat and it’s CEO Evan Spiegel in LA court stating that he was fired an allegedly wrong reason. Going forward he revealed things that he experienced. He stated that when he was in a meeting with the team including CEO, to discuss the international growth of the business, the CEO said that Snapchat is only for rich people and he didn’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain and then left the meeting. Later Anthony found there were many wrong figures in the statistics and data analytics of the company. He also stated that he was asked to give them a detailed Facebook org chart which contains the business details of Facebook. He didn’t reveal them as it would be a sin by his side and also he had a confidentiality agreement with Facebook. After this, he got fired and also give a negative feedback so that no other company would take him in.
Although there is not any official news which states to what extent these allegations are correct. The only thing that (most of) the media reported and the only thing that reached Indians is the allegations the CEO saying India is a poor country.
Overnight there was a huge crisis in the Google Play Store. Snapchat’s ratings have fall and they also had negative reviews. People who used and didn’t use Snapchat started giving one star ratings. There are also those legends who went to Snapdeal’s page and gave one star rating. Reason – they mistook Snapchat for Snapdeal. As a result, the market of both Snapchat and Snapdeal has fallen by a considerable rate. People didn’t stop there. Miranda Kerr, Evan’s fiancee, has witnessed very negative comments on her Instagram photos asking her to educate her husband/boyfriend about India.
As of now, I would remain neutral about the issue since there is no official statement or report regarding the issue. Snap Inc has also reported that Anthony has been “disgruntled” and reported false things and opposes the fliers about the words of the CEO. I would advice people to wait for the official report and then give negative ratings in the play store.
I request my readers to share this articles so that everyone comes to know about the truths and avoid the half truths. Thank you.

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Sources: Phandroid, Techcrunch, Hindistantimes


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