God vs Science

This image below reminds of the everlasting battle the people who believe in god and those who believe in science. There are innumerable instances in history where the opinion of religion didn’t match with the opinion of science especially on the matter of evolution of human beings. Religion believes in the creator of human beings while science says that human beings have evolved from apes according to Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.


In Favor of Science

The Theory of Evolution was opposed by many scientists in the beginning but was gradually adopted by all of them. However, the religious groups had a different opinion. They opposed Darwin in a belief that the creation of life was done by supernatural forces which they call creationism. For the same reason, Theory of Evolution has not been accepted by these groups even today. You can find more information about Opposition to Theory of Evolution on the Wikipedia.

In addition to Charles Darwin, there are many other scientists who faced rejection by the religious groups. When Galileo proposed that Sun is the center of our solar system and Earth is not the center of the universe and invented telescope to prove his theory, he faced rejection by the religious groups to such an extent that he was house arrested for 8 years and was called a dangerous maverick.

In Favor of Religion

There are also many phenomena in this world which are strange to science. For example, the mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata of Hinduism and mythologies of Islam and Christianity were not explained by science till date. They remain a mystery to science. The concepts of ghosts and spirits are also unexplained clearly by science.

Analogies between Science and Religion

As there are many differences between opinions of science and and those of religion, there are also analogies between both of them. The great scientist of all time, Albert Einstein, was a theist. Meaning he firm believer of religion. Although he has proposed many theories about the universe, many of which were proved, he also believed that there was a supernatural power which started the process of big bang and brought the universe into existence.

What is the point of this post?

Here is the thing that I want to point out in this post. There have been already a lot of religious riots in the history. But lets connect religion with science. Religion works on belief while science always searches for logic. Logic that can act as proofs. In may cases, science couldn’t find a logic for many religious beliefs.

There are also many things you can do by connecting religion and science. You can find this in the works of the modern authors like Christopher C Doyle and Amish Tripathi, who try to connect the mythologies and religious theories with science and try to figure out an analogy between them so that they can find a logic for the beliefs in the stories.

My message to my readers would be that the world would be a more peaceful place if you can try to connect science and religion as far as you can instead of fighting for one thing. The end.

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