What do you feel when you die?

What do you feel when you die?

I got this thought on my mind while I was reading a book in which the character has near-death experience and has it on mind throughout his life. We mostly won’t ask this question because there are not many people around who can give an answer or we won’t get this question on our minds at all. But lets face it. When we talk about death, we think of it from two different angles. Two extremely different angles. Luckily, we do have a few people who have near-death experiences and have actually died for a few minutes.

death feel

Spiritual side of death

For those who believe in God, all the religions around the world say that when a person dies, he/she will experience different things based on their deeds throughout their life. First thing that happens is that your soul leaves your body. If you have committed sins in your life your soul will take another body to fulfill its incomplete deeds. If you were good in your life, then your soul will reach God. Either way there will be a soul thing involved.

Scientific side of death

Science has a different approach to death. When you die you will eventually feel nothing. Yes, nothing. But first if you have an easy death you feel peace otherwise you experience pain in split second before you die. Your body will decompose and mix up with the soil that you are buried in. But your bones will remain for a long time. So make sure that you have strong bones so that your mark will be left for a long time in history.

Facts about Near Death Experiences

According to people who have near death experiences, moments before you die you will experience sites of your family and loved ones flashing in front of your eyes (as shown in movies). Some of you might also see a very bright light before dying (similar to the bright light scene in the movie Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 when Harry Potter dies for sometime and everything goes white and there you see Dumbledore).

Later on, you will go to a deep sleep and you feel nothing. You see, all the feelings come through your brain and heart (emotionally) and hence you will feel nothing when they shut down. It’s just like deep sleep from which you will never wake up and the only difference is that you will not have any dreams since your brain is completely shut down.

These are the experiences shared by the people who remained dead for at least 2 minutes. But what happens and what do you feel when you actually die, I mean die completely, I mean 100% death, I mean you will not come back to life no matter what. Science, Religion and Near Death Experiences might have their own speculations or proofs but what do you feel when you die still remains a mystery to me.

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