Can you do multiple things?

Can you do multiple things? This is question that many of us ask ourselves and others but do not get the answer unless we try it ourselves. The first answer we get through this question is a straight NO. Let’s get into little more insights.

Human beings are always confused between have it all and have what your really want. First things first, there are many variants to the question – Can you do multiple things? Can you do multiple things at a time? Can you multitask? Each of these questions have a different meaning all together. (Also read: Getting out of Comfort zone).

I’m just a travelling soldier – I’ll be all I can be

Can you do multiple things at a time?

The answer is – NO. To be accurate our brain cannot concentrate on two things at a time. For that matter even the world’s most powerful computer processors cannot do multiple things at a time but they have a nanoseconds of time lapse between the switching. Similarly, human brain can concentrate on one thing in one second and on another thing the other second. But both at a time? – no. (Also read – The Psychology of Self-Motivation).

Can you do multiple things?

Can you do multiple things? – YES. It has always been a myth that you can be an expert only in one field but not in others. Let’s bust the myth. You can do multiple things provided there is a time gap between them. On a broader sense, this post is about being whatever you want to be. That is, you might be an engineer but you might also aspire to become a musician, a writer and so on and so forth. You might want to learn a new technical skill while doing your job but at the same time you might also want to learn about investing in stocks.

You see all these options when you are open to learning and want to expand your expertise. But please try to understand that you cannot be all of them at the same time. For example, you cannot be reading about investing in stocks at the same time while you are indulged in learning technical skill. (Also read – Mindsets of Game Changers).

But you can do many things at different point of time. You can learn technical skills while you are in office and then learn about investing in the evening time.

You can be multiple beings but at the same time

Time Management for doing multiple things

Whatever you want to be make sure that you allot specific timings for all the things. If you want to be thing beings at the same time. You are heading in the reverse direction. To move forward you need to plan your time accordingly and be open to changes in the timings.

There is specific word for people who have multiple professions – “expert generalist”. This title was first given to Elon Musk, the CEO of Spacex, Tesla, Solarcity and Hyperloop. All these companies operate in different fields. Spacex – space exploration, Tesla – producing low cost electrical cars and sustainable energy, Solarcity – manufacturer of solar roofs, Hyperloop – faster and cost effective transportation.

How does Elon Musk manages it all?

Elon Musk is known be an expert in all the above fields. But what special qualities does he have to be called expert generalist. According, Elon Musk is always open to learning. He reads books to gain knowledge. Musk always tries to break the subject into its basic components and and rebuild from scratch. This way you will be able gain expertise and you wont have any problem doing multiple things. And yes he manages to allot time to all the work he does. (Also read – Beyond the Finishing Line).

So at the bottom line, you can do all the things you want to do but not everything at a time. All you need to do is train your brain for the same and manage the time in your hand.

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