A Take on the Indian Serials

Disclaimer: In this disclaimer, I include all the disclaimers that can be used as disclaimers.Viewer discretion recommended.

Indian Serials are a source of entertainment for women and frustration for men. These serials or the so called soap operas, mostly make no sense. They air 1000’s of episodes and in around 900 episodes, there is no logic.

Most of the plots go like this. There will be a family, either rich or poor. Their story go on in a faster pace for 25 episodes with all the emotions like sadness, happiness etc, but mostly sadness. Then comes another family who has at least one criminal in it or is jealous of the first family. The feud between both families goes on for at least 100 episodes, both of them abusing each other. Meanwhile, more and more new characters would be introduced in the plot which are mostly negative characters with an undisclosed past.

Size of bindi in Indian serials
Size of bindi in Indian serials

There comes a special episode after 200 episodes, where a major character gets killed, rather murdered. This drama continues for another 50 episodes with few more people killed. Now, the people who die come back alive but with a different identity, either as a new character or as the same person with a memory loss. Few episodes are wasted in recognizing the new character and few in making the other person remember his/her past.

one scene, 50 episodes
one scene, 50 episodes

Here comes the interesting part, somewhere in the middle of the entire “show”, a person who died in the past return but not as a human, as a ghost and threatens others. There will be a special one hour or two hour episode like it is an IPL closing ceremony on the celebration of 1000th episode. Non sense.


Sometimes, these serials turn the viewers into mental patients. There was a serial few years back which had a lot of viewers, most of them being housewives. This “show” had over 1000 episodes, an illogical twist was in progress and the channel stopped airing the show for a few days, due to some reasons. All the women went crazy about the rest of the show and were behaving restless. Men started worrying and were in a state of helplessness.

Then, there was an advertisement on tv, saying that a new psychiatrist in the city can treat these women. All men took their respective wives to this psychiatrist on a single day. When they met him, he asked all the men to leave the women in an auditorium and then wait in the lobby. Men’s faces went red as they asked him, how can they leave the women who were not in their state of mind. The man asked all of them to trust him for once which they did and went to the lobby. After half an hour, all the women were coming out of the auditorium with an extra ordinary smile on their face. The men couldn’t believe what was happening and asked the doctor about the cure. What the doctor said left all the men surprised.

The doctor was not really a doctor, he was the writer of the show that stopped airing. In the auditorium, he narrated and explained the left over part of the show and also what happens the climax and how the show ends with an happy ending.

Leaving all these aside, serials are a kind of entertainment for the housewives who need something to pass time on after their regular household chores. But the makers are coming out with the illogical and irrelevant content.

Do not get offended for the content, this is for women who watch a lot of Indian tv serials and for men who get frustrated by watching these women.

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